SOS System Train Station

‘De informatie SOS paal’ is an information pole on every train station in Holland. Press the button to use it. One time I was on emergency on Almelo Train Station with Nora and we have to use this SOS to ask for help. It was late at night and Nora not be able to walk (appr. 1.5 hour) to her home. We were asked what is our identity and where is our post code number from that pole. After 15 minutes waiting there is a cabs from the SOS arrive on the station to get us to Nora moms house.

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  1. 31 Mar 10 - 6:34 am - #

    Very interesting Mas. I hope we have such emergency button over here.

  2. 07 May 10 - 7:52 am - #

    I think we will. At least in some of Jakarta Train Station they already thought about it.

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